Digital Currency… What’s The Deal in 2014?


We’ve all heard of Bitcoin but there is a whole heap of digital currencies fighting for your attention. Who’s the best? Is it worth it at all?

Let’s Learn About Digital Currency and Get Our Finger on The Pulse

We’ll start with Bitcoin. The most popular.




As I write this a lot of digital currencies have been given a real kicking. Bitcoin has fallen very quickly and lost about 10% of it’s value in a week. YIKES!

This kind of volativity worries a lot of people. But is it just a case of knocking out the weak hands? (If you don’t know what that means, stick around… We’ll get to that!


  Bitcoin’s price has been steadily falling in recent weeks, a trend that follows a period of relative stability since February when the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox collapsed.


Digital Wallet


In order to securely and safely hold digital currency, you need a digital wallet.


You can find more on digital wallets here:


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People who don’t like it


Are we getting digital currencies anyway?



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