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Mahesh Dalamal is Managing Director at Creative Zone Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They provide Management Consulting Services

mahesh dalmal creative zone managing director dubai

Business setup UAE involves establishing where, why and how to get legally setup and licensed.

Where? Analyse your business and ask yourself where would be the ideal place to setup your office, warehouse or showroom, or whether you actually need an office at all. Who’s your target market? Understanding this will ultimately determine your license, as each geographical location determines the license under which you operate.

Why? Why is setting up a business in the UAE a correct move at the moment? Are you setting up for the purpose of acquiring UAE residence visas? Taxes? Purchase properties? Answers to these will somehow identify which jurisdiction is more practical vis a vis your requirements.

How? What are the requirements to set up? Who should you talk to? How vast should your research go or does it even matter? Would your budget work? Do I want a local partner/sponsor – what are the rules?

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